RC T3000

The unit's main function is telemetry receiver for the RC Multi 2 system with the RC TRX30 and RC GPS module. With this system, user can view/track different plane's parameters on field (vario, altitude, GPS position and battery). Software was designed for many types of task competitions or just for free flying. User can fly by predefined or manually created tasks. Unit will give acoustic vario tone with user defined beeps and voice announcements. For RF communication 433 ISM band is used.

Audio sample of voice announcement and vario.

Some presentation videos can be found on YouTube:

GPS Triangle video.
XC Soaring video.
F3B Speed video.

Key features:

- Extremely small outline: 40 x 62 x 22 mm.
- Completely new design approach.
- Sunshine readable color display as a central part of the system.
- Simple manipulation with one multifunctional switch.
- Internal battery ensures up to 7 hours of autonomy.
- Built-in battery charger (5V via USB cable).
- SD card as a data transfer medium (micro version).
- GPS triangle competition scoring code, XC soaring, F3F, F3B distance/speed supported.
- 69 RF channels (LPD channel table) with 25 KHz spacing.