New device: RC F1H (03.01.2018)

We are happy to interduce you our new product: RC F1H. Units replaces old mechanic timer used on freeflight models.

New device: RC Keyboard (16.12.2017)

We are happy to interduce you our new product: RC Keyboard. Device is an external keyboard and lead for the RC Multi 3 unit to set some parameters on the field without using a computer.

New device: RC Multi 3 (14.11.2017)

We are happy to interduce you our new product: RC Multi 3. Device was designed and is approved for FAI F5J competition.

New RC Multi 2 FAI firmware (15.03.2017)

New firmware is the same as FAI v0.15 but allows one motor restart with 0 score. Contest director can decide if FW 0.15 or 4.15 is allowed at competition.

New RC T3000 firmware (10.03.2017)

New firmware v2.0 for RC T3000.

Driver installation on Windows 10 (10.01.2016)

Instructions how to install RC Multi 2 USB driver on Windows 10 was added under Download/Manuals.

New firmware (08.06.2015)

New firmware for RC Multi 2.

FAI approval (28.02.2014)

We are happy to inform you that our two devices, RC Multi 2 and RC Altimeter #2 BASIC has been approved by FAI organization for a AMRT devices being used on F5J competitions.

Christmas discount (24.12.2013)

We offer Christmas discount -20% for all our product, to anyone, who would like to order our product until the end of this year.

New manual: RC T3000 (10.10.2013)

Please find new manual for RC T3000 under Download/Manuals section.

New device: RC GPSlog (08.09.2013)

We are happy to interduce you our new product: RC GPSlog. Device was designed for OLC competition. It was designed for and approved by OLC!

RC T3000 firmware (17.07.2013)

Dear RC T3000 users
We are pleased to announce a new firmware version for the RC T3000. After lots of field use and feedback, we have been able to make the T3000 more user friendly, adding more functions and a different approach to complement some existing functions.

New firmware v1.6e revision:
- GPS triangle navigation page shows you the active leg, navigated turning point and next leg, so you can see on screen if you are flying inside or outside the triangle.

- Green and red status "dot" is replaced with "ARMED" indication. ARMED indication is visible on screen, when you activate the "START" option for the task, the next crossing of start line will begin the task.

- Voices for altitude gain, vario/average, altitude and battery are now supported for all tasks.

- Added thermal assistant, so when you circle it indicates your thermal turn and wind direction.

- Added average vario, in the main screen you can now select which vario indication you wish to see as a numerical value, by selecting either "current" or "average".

- Supported XC soaring task, if flying cross country tasks with the T3000 system you can now create your own *.xcs file with turn points, define point, zone cylinder radius, then be able to fly the task.

- Supported F3B distance, F3B speed and F3F task, giving the ability for training all these categories on your own, by creating and setting up the required task using GPS coordinates on the field where you wish to practice.

- Supported basic thermal practice, where some flight statistics can be recorded and analyzed. This is useful for practicing thermal hunting and flying.

- Profile save option. To save a different profile setting on your device, which can include different beeps and voices for different tasks.

- Units selection.

- When turning off, you are asked if you really wish to do so and have to confirm, so you will not accidently end your flight while flying.

- Selection of RF channel is possible from the T3000 unit.

To have all new functions active please update your unit, the information on updating is in the "Update manual" at and remember if necessary also copy any personal voice files onto the SD card in the RC/AUDIO folder.

Please always give us any feedback as to how we can make the T3000 system even better and if by any chance you discover a bug, please report it and we will endeavor fix it.

Still to come:
- Flight logger directly to SD card in IGC format to review your flight more easily.

- Support for pylon task where distance between 2 points will be user defined.

RC Electronics team

New firmware (28.02.2013)

Please find new firmware for RC Altimeter #2 series.

New firmware (17.02.2013)

Please find new firmware for RC Multi 2 and RC Altimeter #2 series.

Updated manuals and new firmware (27.01.2013)

Please find new firmware for RC FXJ Programming card, RC Multi 2, RC TRX30 and RC T2020. Updated manuals: Updating instructions, RC T2020 and RC Data Manager.

Added new device: RC T2020 (27.01.2013)

We are happy to interduce you our new product: RC T2020. It is low cost telemetry system for RC Multi 2 + RC TRX30 system. Please look at its manual for more info.

Updated manuals and new firmware (11.12.2012)

Please find new firmware for RC FXJ Programming card. Manuals: Updating instructions, RC Multi 2 and RC FXJ Programming Card are updated.

New firmware (09.12.2012)

Please find new firmware for RC Multi 2 and RC Altimeter #2 series under download -> firmware section. Both FAI and non FAI versions are new.

RC Electronics for cross-country flying (OLC) with model-gliders (17.11.2012)

To compete in OLC with the RC Electronics device you will need to have the RC Multi 2 and RC GPS module. Connect the RC GPS module to RC Multi 2 and install this system to your glider. With smart detection of takeoff and large logging space (3MB of flash memory) you will get up to 20 hours of flight records. After you have finished your cross-country flight, connect the RC Multi 2 to a PC and use our software RC Data Manager to download and review your flights, then upload those flights to the OLC server. The saved IGC files contains protection G record which will confirm your flights were preformed within the boundaries and rules of the competition. For more advanced users you can upgrade to our telemetry system by adding the RC TRX30 and RC BUS to the flight pack, using the hand units RC T3000 or RC T2020. With these additions you will get live telemetry with real time vario beep for better more efficient thermal control, increasing your ability for a better flight score for your OLC flights.
For more information please visit OLC web site.

RC Electronics team.

Another victory on GPS Eurocup! (10.10.2012)

Competition GPS Eurocup in Spain brought 1st and 2nd place with our sytem and great model plane Arcus from HModel ( We would like to congratulate to Marco Mani (Swish), who chrashed his plane in round 2 and was after that using model from Radim with our system, for 1st place and producer of Arcus, Radim Horky (CZ) for 2nd place. Guys, you make us proud.

RC Electronics team

RC TRX30 HE (09.10.2012)

Transmitter module for falconry was added. Also manual for it is under download/manual section.

Double victory on GPS triangle tour! (02.09.2012)

We are proud to inform you with double win on GPS triangle tour with our RC T3000 system. In Znojmo (Czech) Matej Rozman (SLO) win it and in Hronov (Czech), Radim Horky (CZ) won his first place. Good job guys!

RC Electronics team

New dealers and representatives (02.09.2012)

We are looking for new dealers and representatives. If you would like to represent us in your country and promote our products please contact us to:

RC Electronics team

New firmware (14.08.2012)

New firmware for RC Multi 2 and RC Card is on web.

Falconry system (06.07.2012)

We have added falconry page with product for use with hawks. Added manual for the RC T2020 HE unit.

Accessories and manuals (16.06.2012)

We added accessories page with some stuff used with our products. Also new manuals are added (RC T3000, RC Bus and Update instructions).

RC Data Manager user manual (04.04.2012)

We would like to inform you that RC Data Manager user manual is published under download -> manual section.

New firmware (20.03.2012)

Please find new firmware for RC Altimeter #2 series and FAI version for this series. Also new firmware for RC Card reader is available under download -> firmware section.

Update instructions for RC Card (20.03.2012)

Under download -> Manuals you can find instructions how tu update RC Card to latest firmware.

RC Data Manager (10.03.2012)

We are happy to interduce you our new Windows PC software. RC Data Manager is now supporting all our units for downloading data and flight review.

New products (14.01.2012)

We are happy to interduce you our new products: RC T3000, RC Multi 2, RC TRX30, RC Tek and new RC GPS. More new product are under development and will be published soon.

New firmware & software (18.12.2011)

We published new firmware for Altimeter #2 BASIC v2.12 and also PC software v1.5.7. Visit download section.

New web page (16.11.2011)

Dear visitor, we would like to welcome you on our new web page where we would like to introduce you our instruments for RC model sports. We hope you will find what you are looking for.

RC Electronics team.