RC Systems


A lightweight device designed to replace mechanical timers in free flight models.

RC Multi 3

The RC Multi 3 was designed to provide a lightweight, compact device for F5J FAI competitions.


The RC GPSlog was designed to provide a complete solution for cross-flying online competition (OLC). It has a built-in GPS receiver, pressure sensor and ENL (Environmental Noise Level) sensor. All data is recorded into on-board micro SD card in a digitally signed IGC file.

RC T3000

Perfect solution for GPS triangle and XC soaring competitions and for F3F, F3B distance/speed trainings with task navigation, acoustic vario tone with user defined beeps and voice announcements. For RF communication 433 ISM band is used.

Complete set for R/C glider is: RC Multi 2, RC Bus, RC GPS, RC TRX30 and optionally RC Tek for compensated vario.

RC Multi 2

The RC Multi 2 was designed to provide a lightweight, compact device for measuring and recording flight data over time.


Telemetry module for the RC Multi 2.


It is a GPS receiver which allows RC Multi 2, RC Altimeter #3 PRO and RC Altimeter #2 PRO/BASIC to record GPS data for later review of your flight in 3D with Google Earth.


The RC Tek sensor combined with TEK probe (vario probe) will detect changes in pressure due to difference of air mass and not due to elevation changes.

RC FXJ Programming Card

It is a system, with which the user can check FAI start altitude and set the Altitude and Motor Run Time parameters of the RC Altimeter #2 / RC Multi 2 on the flying field.